Environmental Responsibility

Among the environmental actions are:

  • Selective collection and proper waste disposal in all group units
  • Investments in Electrical Machines which reduced energy consumption by 40%

  • Constant search for raw materials that do not harm the environment

  • Constant search for raw materials which do not damage the environment

  • The water heating system is shutoff to avoid waste

  • The internal and external actions exist to encourage our employees to be environmentally conscious

  • Looking for correct environmental solutions for electronics waste disposal, we are partners of ECOBrasil. This company specializes in collecting. transporting, storaging, dismantling, separating, classifying, and disassembling electronics.
    With a certified track number we can guarantte the final and correct destination for our electronic disposal.

    Environmental Policy

    CRW Plastics is active in the transformation of thermoplastic engineering and is committed to respect the environment. Acting carefully about their processes, products and services. CRW Plastics has respect and awareness for the environment, and tries to minimize the environmental impact:

  • Comply with environment legislation with respect to air, soil and water.

  • Providing proper local facilities to preserve the environment.

  • To continuously improve the environment and prevent pollution, we avoid wasting water and energy.

  • Search for improving our production techniques and working with raw materials to avoid the waste of materials.

  • To disclose those principles above with education, employee training, encouraging them to conduct their activities in a responsible way and with respect to the environment

  • To encourage the acceptance of these values to our suppliers, partners and third party companies

  • Help out reduction, reutilization, and waste recycling.

  • To disclose to the community our progress on environmental work.

  • The environmental goals and targets to achieve are:
    GOALS Targets
    To reduce energy consumption in the plant by replacing the present lights with LED lights 20% energy savings
    To reduce scrap raw material in order to avoid waste 10%

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    Social Action

    CRW Plastics is committed to social projects that prioritize education and well-being. The company supports the Lar Emanuel Instituion which is located in Joinville – SC, Brazil. We also supports their employees in social action and volunteer work in general.